Doctor Ruth Dubin

Other resources for Physicians

ORT Clinical Form

The Opioid Risk Tool for screening for risk of aberrant opioid behaviours:

It is recommended that you score this with your patient. Use the “female” scores for a female patient, and “male” scores for a male patient. A score of 3 or less is low. 4-7 is medium, and >7 is high risk.  For high risk patients, “structured opiate therapy” may be reasonable, ie daily release of a long acting opiate at the drug store.

Blank Agreement

A Blank treatment agreement for opiate or benzodiazepine prescribers.


The Cage-Aid and Sisap, to assess addiction risk


The COMM exam for patients already on opiates

QST Exam

The sensory exam for chronic pain patients.

UDT Monograph

UDT monographs: urine drug screen interpretation